Why is my claim rejected?
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These are possible reasons why your claim may be rejected.

Claim item belongs to another care visit

Remember to check that the claim matches the visit session before submission.

Claim item is not eligible for reimbursement

Please refer to the above section “What can be claimed” for a list of the acceptable expenses.

Claim item was submitted more than 24 hours after the visit end time

From 1 October 2018 onwards, only claims submitted within 24 hours after the visit scheduled end time will be processed, as per the Homage claims policy.

Incorrect receipt attached

You may have attached the wrong image to the receipt box. While the Homage Operator can upload another image on your behalf, it might take a longer time for you to receive your claims. Hence, we recommend that you check that the receipt uploaded is correct by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the receipt you have uploaded in the receipt box.

  2. The receipt will be enlarged for your viewing.

  3. If the receipt is incorrect, click on the “x” button at the top right of the image to remove it.

  4. Attach the correct receipt.

Incorrect description

In the “Item Description” box, you may have described the nature of the claim expenses incorrectly. The description of the claim must match the receipt you have uploaded.

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